CLARISSA rectangular bathtub 170 x 75 cm + legs SN7

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Depth: 47 cm, capacity: 260 l, bottom width: 47 cm. Bathtub without panel. We recommend the Multiplex 703325+703332 outflow-overflow system. Can be combined with Niven bathtub screen.

  • BrandKOLO
  • CollectionClarissa
  • Size170
  • Product CodeXWP2670
  • Width75
  • Weight25.5

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Installation instructions
Instalation Instruction - PROGRESS, CLARISSA bathtubs (pdf)
Instrukcja montażu do wanien prostokątnych (pdf)
XWP2670-dwg (zip)
XWP2670-ai (zip)
XWP2670-cdr (zip)
XWP2670_FRONT (dwg)
XWP2670_TOP (dwg)
XWP2670_FRONT (dwg)
XWP2670_TOP (dwg)
XWP2670-3d-dwg (zip)
XWP2670/XWP26703ds (zip)
XWP2670-caddecor (dwg)
XWP2670-gsm (gsm)
XWP2670-obj (zip)
XWP2670-rfa (rfa)
Atest higieniczny - Urządzenia sanitarne z tworzyw syntetycznych, 11 V 2016 (pdf)