NOVA PRO FELIX urinal, rear inlet, horizontal outflow

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Can be combined with strainer A96001, urinal siphon A99021, automatic radar flushing system with element supply or thermal flushing system.

  • BrandKOLO
  • CollectionNova Pro
  • Product Code26000
  • Weight10

Official endorsements & special features

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Installation instructions
Mounting instruction, Urinal with water supply from rear (pdf)
26000-ai (zip)
26000-cdr (zip)
26000-dwg (zip)
26000_FRONT (dwg)
26000_LEFT (dwg)
26000 CadDecor (zip)
26000 Arcon 3D (zip)
26000 (3ds)
26000_3D (dwg)
Certyfikat ISO 9001_2008 z 21022014 wersja angielska (pdf)
Certificate authorising the product to bear the safety mark 9/B/16 - 22022016 - urinals (pdf)