Mindsailors is an industrial design studio where the term "design" is not merely reduced to a product's appearance but also covers its functionality, streamlined production and coherent structure. Our work starts with a draft on a sheet of paper and ends in a workshop. This is also our passion, but, you know, with salary and prizes along the way. Isn't life just great?


Janusz Kaniewski, born in 1974, industrial designer, graduate of the Transportation Design, Istituto Europeo di Design, Turin, Italy; runs his own design, architecture, image and strategic design studio for corporate and individual clients; provides consulting services for urban authorities; works at Polish and international universities. As a curator and co-organizer of Gdynia Design Days 2012, he has been ranked as a leading creative (Brief) and innovator (Forbes) in Poland. The summer of 2013 saw the publication of an album entitled "Janusz Kaniewski. Design", released by Bosz, a renowned publishing house, and in early 2014 there was a major retrospective exhibition to celebrate the twenty five years of his artistic work.
Since 1999, he has designed for Ferrari and Pininfarina. He has co-authored a number of modern European and Asian cars, and is, for instance, the author of the ski boots of the World Champion Hermann Maier, and such iconic designs as Orlen petrol station in Gdańsk (Station of the Year in 2012), Żywiec beer glass, Ceramika Paradyż logotype, Elzab electronics, Koło exhibition trucks, Adam Małysz's camper van, and Plus Camerimage 2012 festival poster; Janusz Kaniewski has also co-created the corporate image of Fiat and Marlboro, supported Polish technological businesses in their design efforts, and has been involved in promoting the "Made in Poland" brand.

His team comprises young professionals and enthusiasts, including designers, graphic artists, architects and illustrators, led by an experienced Sales and PR department. Each project is a new opportunity and a challenging experience but the studio can always rely on its partnerships with well-proven manufacturers, craftsmen, technologists and engineers across the country. Fresh blood is provided by active engagement with design and art universities, intern rotation and cooperation with designer festivals.

His office and studio are located in a historic tenement house in Warsaw city centre but the designer works alone in Saska Kępa, one of Warsaw's districts. His brand's DNA is Strategic Design Consultancy covering task-based, timeless, and functional design oriented towards investment return and user benefits. His know-how is the by-product of experience gained in the best design studio in the world - Pininfarina - and the in-depth knowledge of the Polish market, reaching back to his collaboration with Leo Burnett, an advertising agency, since 1995. His unique, forward-looking insight is the fruit of his continued relationship with Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin and the Royal College of Art in London. The studio's designs are characterised by a mature approach, fascination with technology and material, and reserved attitude towards passing fads. In his personal life the designer is interested in graphic art, history and music, he drives an old blue Mercedes and steers clear of swag.