Innovation and sustainability

KO‎ŁO understands the idea of sustainable growth very well. Our corporate policy is oriented towards solutions which ensure that the environment is protected and maintained as unchanged as possible for the benefit of future generations. For 11 years KOŁO has implemented a number of sustainable solutions to protect the environment in the region and improve work conditions.

Major projects implemented as part of our environmentally-friendly policies in KOŁO include:

the modernisation of the dust-containment system (which reduced our dust emissions by 300% in relation to 2005)
the construction of industrial wastewater treatment plant,
the replacement of brown coal-powered boiler house with gas and oil-powered boiler house,
the removal of gas generators producing gas for the tunnel kiln, and
the installation of oil interceptors in our stormwater drainage system.  KOŁO has received the following awards for its efforts to protect the environment

"Green Company" (2010),
"Polish Ecology Partner" and "Environmentally-friendly Company" in the 10th National Ecological Competition (2009),
"Environmentally-friendly Company" in the 9th National Ecological Competition with honorary patronage taken by the President of the Republic of Poland (2008), and
"Polish Ecology Pantheon" (2001).