This colour includes a whole range of tones and shades which are often used in bathrooms. It helps to relax, refresh and regenerate nervous system. Many shades of blue are often found in different colour combinations, from light pastel azure to almost-black dark blue. It is a cool colour, optically increasing the interior and introducing the impression of cleanliness and freshness.


It is perfect for classic arrangements, but remember that the interiors where blue is predominant might seem too static and serious-like. If this is the case, it might be a good idea to add some other colour accents. The use of this colour requires well-matched lighting, so that the blue bathroom is not sad or dull.


Navy blue – classic dark blue, traditional and elegant. Wherever you apply it, whatever you add – navy blue is timeless.

Sky azure – pure and clear azure that satisfies nearly all tastes. Combine it with white to obtain idyllic, farmhouse atmosphere or add black to go retro. By combining azure with dark red or other life-pulsing colours you may get a French countryside style.