Black and grey

This colour is rarely predominant in the bathroom, but often used as an addition, which emphasises individual elements of the interior, and adds classical elegance. It is most frequently combined with white. However, it is worth enlivening the space graphically by introducing other colours in additional elements. This idea has many advantages, as depending on the selected additional colours, the bathroom can change its character.


You may also combine black with pure, bold colours, especially with emphasised geometrical forms; that way you can achieve many interesting effects, from classical style to cubist avant-garde. However, black should be dosed with care, especially in small rooms, as it optically reduces the size of the room and may (due to cultural connotations) have a depressing effect.



This colour, with matt finishing, may be used in traditional and modern style. It is a classic colour inspired by stone and rock.



Grey is a cool colour, which matches well with many bold colour accents and materials. Lighter shades of grey may be used as alternatives for white in some arrangements.