Ecru, brown and beige

"Ecru Classic, creamy shade with a delicate yellow. This very soft colour matches with modern, but also traditional and rural arrangements. The accent here is on the glowing earthy shades.


The warm tone of this colour eliminates the starkness and unwelcomeness of the interior, adding charm instead and making it more cosy, which makes it more suitable as the leading colour than pure white.


Brown and beige

The colours of sand, stone and wood are often used in bathrooms of many kinds. They are neutral and easy to apply in many colour schemes. They make us feel closer to nature and soothe the starkness and coolness of ceramics and fittings, introducing a cosy, warm and homelike atmosphere. They belong to the family of ""safe"" colours, so they may be used in small bathrooms and bathing salons alike.

Brown and beige look good alone as well as used as additions to other colour schemes. The use of wooden brown, sand yellow or beige tiles makes the space warmer and more homelike. As far as these colours are concerned, much depends on the texture of materials applied, it has a huge impact on the final effect."