Green and turquoise

Green is a refreshing, calming and nerve-soothing colour, which brings harmony and restores peace and quiet, It is a colour of nature, spring and life renewal. Depending on the tone and shade, it can be used in all styles of interior arrangement, from classic and rustic (broken colours, softer shades) to avant-garde and modern (pure, sharp colours). Even if not predominant in our bathroom, green accents, such as natural or artificial plants, may enliven our bathroom.


Luminous green, resembling a colour of patina on copper, is a shade used in traditional Hungarian folk art. It perfectly fits as a colour accent in all natural arrangements, beautifully harmonised with the colours of wood and sand shades.


Dark green is a deep, hunting colour. A colour of forest, which ideally matches with all styles. Based on the nature itself, this type of green fits in arrangement in seasonal facilities, but may also appear in more formal places.


Sea green – a fresh, pastel colour, which will create the atmosphere of lightness and translucency in every bathroom. The purity and freshness of this colour provides for an ideal harmony with other, darker green colours.



Turquoise is one of the most "bathroom" colours, it associates with sea, water and exotic holidays. Different shades of turquoise used in a bathroom foster relaxation. A combination of green and blue in one shade makes the bathroom feel fresh and look much bigger. Turquoise is also a great background for translucent and white ceramics