Red, pink, orange


Red is the color of energy and vitality of life. In excess, however, it can annoy and irritate. This color is not a "typical" bathroom color. Small touches of red are great to emphasize and accentuate the various parts of the interior. If you want to use red as the main color in the room, you should think about its neutralization by choosing a light and neutral shade.

Remember that the bathroom is a place of rest and relaxation, so red can interfere with these functions.



Pink is the color of romance, which adds heat to the bathroom. It fits well with the majority of the neutral colors.

Pastel roses beautifully harmonizes with the soft lines of ceramic and wooden touch, creating a unique, extremely subtle interior.



Orange is smootherthan red. It is also not so irritating, though in small interiors it can overwhelm. Modern interiors often combine of orange with green and / or black , but such a composition requires a very careful planning of individual elements. Orange is a good color to add warm color accents (such as decors on the walls, or even towels), which will add dynamism and optimism to your bathroom.