White actually means lack of colour. Neutral, clean and fresh, it makes the space look very hygienic, which is most suitable for a bathroom. Used for both standard and modern arrangements, it allows for any set of decoration.


It is the most widely used colour for bathroom ceramics. White can be safely combined with all the other colours, both saturated and delicate, pastel shades. The neutral nature of white offers wide selection of lighting arrangement. Whether a bathroom with prevalent white colour feels cool and classic or cosy and warm depends on the accompanying colours.


However, a white-only bathroom might make a stark, unwelcome impression. With white as prevalent colour in your bathroom, you should take a close look on its shade, as there is a wide range of them – from cold, blueish ones to creamy white or even yellowish, and a combination of cool and warm white has an unpleasant effect of randomness and chaos.