It is a colour associated with the sun, warmth and activity. Different shades of yellow are used in interiors, also in bathrooms. This colour helps combat melancholy, despondency, apathy, depression and deep pessimism. It enhances the feeling of security and has a positive impact on psyche.


Interiors in yellow brings good mood in the morning, whilst lemon accents bring the impressions of spring freshness. Although it is not a "traditional" bathroom colour, you might consider using yellow, especially in large rooms.

Bright yellow is a delicate and welcoming colour, which can be used as primary colour or a complementation of a wide spectrum of colours, such as brown, azure and green.


Sandy yellow is a universal and warm colour, which perfectly harmonises with many styles and colour accents. This colour matches well with wooden elements.



Saffron is a natural, clear yellow. It is an attractive colour, which draws attention but also makes the impression of style and warmth. Perfect for colour accents.