Bathroom fittings

Are shower cabins with non-standard dimensions available?
Yes. For example, the KOŁO product range includes shower doors and side walls allowing non-standard furnishing of shower enclosures and bathtubs as well as special profiles allowing a combination of different models of doors, side walls and shower enclosures. More: Non-standard furnishing of enclosures and bathtubs »

What is a bidet and what is it used for?
Until recently, due to small bathrooms, the bidet has not been a popular fixture. Currently it is more and more often installed in bathrooms. It facilitates the maintenance of personal hygiene during the day. Many people also use it as a “washbasin for legs”. Examples of bidets:


Ceramics and furniture »
What are the advantages of sanitary grade acrylic?
Sanitary grade acrylic is a great cutting-edge material. It is warm to touch and has lasting gloss, it is resistant to most chemical products used in the household, and preserves a uniform colour throughout the entire thickness of the plate. Acrylic is easy to keep clean due to its smooth surface.

Where can I buy a separate ceramic cistern?
Sanitec KOŁO bathroom ceramics cisterns and compact toilet bowls can be bought separately under each series.  In addition, it is possible to buy plastic cisterns that can be combined with standing toilet bowls. See:

Where can I buy bathtub handles?
Sanitec KOŁO offers Standard and Mondane chrome-plated handles, which fit rectangular Comfort, Gamma and Laguna series bathtubs and are a great way to increase the comfort of use and facilitate getting into and out of the bathtub. The handles have to be mounted prior to the installation of the bathtub in the bathroom. See:

Can KOŁO shower trays be combined with shower enclosures of other manufacturers?
Yes. However, we recommend combining KOŁO shower enclosures only with shower trays of the same manufacturer due to the matching design and dimensions of the shower trays. This is particularly important in the case of quarter-rounded shower trays, the radius of which matches the radius of the shower cubicle.