Bathtub or shower

This dilemma is faced mainly by owners of smaller bathrooms who are pondering whether or not they should enhance the comfort of using the whole room by replacing a bathtub with a shower. Both solutions have their pros and cons.

A bathtub is, of course, more convenient for a family with babies. In addition, even the most advanced shower cubicle won't compare with the relaxation provided by a bathtub full of water, so if you love this form of bathing, you better think twice before giving it up.

A shower also has a number of advantages, such as easy access to the cubicle, which makes it a very good choice for the disabled and the elderly. It also allows you to take a quick shower without using so much water, which makes it more economical than a bathtub. It is a perfect solution for active people living a fast-paced lifestyle, also in situations when more household members are using the same bathroom.
Of course, the ideal remedy for this problem would be to have both a tub and a cubicle.

A sensible compromise
But what are you to do when you cannot afford to have both the shower and the bathtub? You can take advantage of solutions which combine shower and bathtub functionalities. These include deep shower basins, which are particularly suitable for families with children.
Another solution is to install a shower system in your bathtub and enclose it for comfortable showering. This can be achieved by means of various shower curtains and bathtub screens which have recently been gaining popularity.

What is amazing about bathtub screens is that they create a sort of shower cubicle, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of a shower and, after installing a special shower panel, also shower massage. These are also more durable and easier to clean than shower curtains. Although the latter are cheaper than the screens, you might want to opt for the solution which will provide you with greater bathing comfort, and ultimately might even prove more cost-efficient (given the need for frequent curtain replacement).