Cabinets, Shelves, Lockers

Even the best furnished interior does not look good when it is messy. That is why, when planning a bathroom, we have to think of the place for cosmetics, towels and other everyday objects.


The choice of storage option depends on available space and the style of the bathroom. The currently available solutions offer a wide range of possibilities - from classic bathroom furniture to futuristic glass cabinets and shelves. It is important for their style to match the rest of the room.


If enough space is available, it is good to think about typical bathroom furniture, such as Aplauz or Nova TOP series manufactured by KOŁO. Their appearance makes them a good match for both the classic and more modern interiors. The cabinets are finished with light or dark natural wood.


Hanging cabinets are also a good solution - from the most simple “medicine” cabinets to cabinets with transparent or matte doors, like, for example, the Impuls series. They can be hanged in almost any bathroom and the lack of traditional feet facilitates keeping the floor clean.

Roll-out cabinets are also a great solution - they are particularly useful for storing towels or cleaning  products. In a hinged door cabinet you can store linen to be washed, providing the bathroom also contains a washing machine.


Instead of traditional cabinets, we can also use wicker baskets, wooden boxes or even aesthetic cardboard boxes matched in terms of colour.

Not all bathroom accessories have to be hidden in closed cabinets. Some everyday cosmetics should rather be stored where they are easily available. Various kinds of shelves are used to display and organise such items.


A shelf can be mounted almost anywhere - built into a wall and lit, glass or wooden below the mirror, by or under the washbasin, over the bathtub and in many other parts of the bathroom – anywhere it is needed.  Some interesting ideas are an underbasin cabinet with an open shelf or a washbasin with extended top, which is easy to keep clean. The purpose of a shelf can also be served by a large top with built-in washbasin - it provides enough space for all the necessary accessories. Such a top should be made of waterproof material and well-sealed where it is joined with the washbasin. The same rules apply to the shelves located next to a bathtub or in a shower cubicle.


If a bathroom is divided with a low wall, it can also be used as a shelf, especially if it is used to hang a washbasin.

Regardless of what kind of furniture we use for storage, let us remember that everything should have its place in a bathroom. Order must be maintained in a room associated with cleanliness.