Maintenance and cleaning

How to you keep your shower cubicle clean
The easiest way is to use a window wiper. Some manufacturers provide it free-of-charge along with their shower cubicles. Wiping the cubicle surface after the shower ensures longer cleanliness and minimises the scum on the cubicle surface.

How to clean and disinfect shower massagers
Bathtubs with shower massage offering automatic disinfection functionality can clean themselves of the accumulated scum. Bathtubs without this functionality can be easily cleaned using any shower cleaning agent (such as our KO‎ŁO detergent) and following carefully the instructions of use.

How to protect urinals from getting clogged
In order to protect urinals from getting clogged, simply use metal urinal strainers. Made of stainless steel, these can be used for a long time, and thanks to their simple design, strainers are easy to clean and install in the urinal.