Organise your fittings

The functionality of your bathroom is largely determined by the appropriate arrangement of individual fittings. Please remember that these should not be put too close to one another.
Below you will find standard distances and heights recommended by us for modern bathrooms.


Washbasin > 40 cm wide
Washbasin < 40 cm wide
Toilet bowl
Shower tray
Acrylic bathtub

For comfortable use, it is necessary to maintain certain minimum distances between bathroom fittings.
You don't know how far apart to arrange your bathtub and washbasin or shower and toilet? No problem, just refer to the table below for such minimum distances between various bathroom fittings to ensure safe and comfortable use.

The table is really easy to use. For example, if you want to check the recommended distance between the shower and the toilet to make sure they can be accessed easily and readily, simply find the column with the toilet symbol on top and then find the row with a shower image - the distance you're looking for will be provided in the cell where these two meet - in this case 20 cm.