When buying furniture for the bathroom

…do not forget to pay attention to several important details.
Bathroom, more than any other room in the house, is exposed to frequent changes in air humidity and temperature. Repeated sudden increases in humidity and the possibility of wooden elements' contact with water are the reason why bathroom furniture has to meet very high demands.

Well-thought-out solutions in terms of structure, technology of production and used materials allow long-term and easy use of furniture in bathrooms. It is essential to select the materials correctly, especially for the body of furniture. Some manufacturers use wood-based materials - the so-called interior ones, unprotected against moisture. This is a mistake that very quickly affects the customers – the users of furniture, mostly encouraged to purchase them with the low price. Only the use of moisture-resistant materials facilitates the correct functioning of furniture in the difficult environment of a bathroom.

When purchasing furniture, it is good to pay attention to the finishes of its surface, which next to the properties of its material are fundamental to protecting against moisture. Finishes of the front elements – doors and drawer fronts – are particularly important. Furniture protected with the PVC coating is often available (especially in the cheaper segment). This is yet another compromise between price and quality. Only the use of varnishes with special properties guarantees the waterproof quality of the coating, and in consequence the durability of elements. The best manufacturers, specialists in the bathroom furniture business, pay close attention to careful and thorough finishing of front elements. The highest class protection are waterproof polyurethane varnishes, for which the quality and technology of application guarantee optimal protection.

When buying bathroom furniture you should ask the seller if they are properly protected and made of moisture-resistant materials. A confirmation will be helpful in the case of a potential complaint related to “swollen” or delaminated elements of furniture, as traditional wood-based materials expand under the influence of moisture and do not return to their previous dimensions when dried.  The users do not need to be concerned about the durability of KOŁO bathroom furniture. It is made of moisture-resistant materials and additionally protected against the development of mould and mildew.

Furniture backs are constantly exposed to water condensing from steam. In order to prevent that, they have been receded, which is why the backs are not in contact with wet walls.

Another vital element of bathroom furniture is the quality of furniture fittings. In the case of low quality fittings cabinet fronts may drop on their hinges, which results in a non-aesthetic look and discomfort in use. The fittings of Koło furniture are of top quality and the cabinet doors are always properly aligned thanks to the possibility of making precise adjustments.