Bathing salon

A bathing salon can be a place where we take a bath, but also where we spend a lot of good time.

A large area provides for practically unlimited number of ways to arrange the bathroom. It also facilitates dividing the bathroom into several functional zones: sanitary and bath zone and recreational zone.

Bathroom zones – everything in its place

In the sanitary and bath zone of a large bathroom you can designate further zones serving different hygienic functions. Thus we can emphasise and separate from one another the washbasin zone, the toilet zone, the bidet zone, the bathtub zone and the shower zone.

The first is associated with washing hands, teeth brushing and personal grooming (make-up, shaving). The model of washbasin should match with the other fittings, so we recommend buying an entire series of ceramics, designed to comprise a harmonious whole.

A toilet bowl or bidet should be installed next to the washbasin. Both the above devices should be close to each other. They can be separated from the washbasin by a low wall, which will enhance the intimacy and at the same time serve to install the towel hangers and rails.

In a large bathroom the bathtub can be located away from the wall; in the middle, for instance, it will emphasise the role of bath. Installing a model with a comfortable headrest, equipped with handles to get up, is a good idea. If you live under constant pressure and stress, thinks of a device that would serve not only for hygienic baths. A water massage bathtub can be a means to your relaxation after a day of hard work. Thanks to these baths you will quickly regain vitality and the water massage will regenerate and refresh your body, providing relaxation at the same time. Water massage function can also be provided by a shower panel.

After all, a shower cubicle's main purpose is quick refreshing. It is irreplaceable if we have difficulties with getting out of the bathtub. Shower is particularly recommended to pregnant women, the elderly and the disabled.

Have a rest in your bathroom

The relaxation zone can be different as regards décor from the bath zone. In this part of the bathroom we should ensure warm, cosy atmosphere fostering relaxation. You can also have sunbeds with adjustable footrests and headrests (to relax after taking a bath) or fitness equipment. It is the ideal place for closets and cabinets in which you could store toiletries, bathing accessories (towels, bathrobes) and cleaning agents.

Light, warmth and colours

Proper lighting in the bathroom is very important. It is recommended to install side-fixtures, as the light coming from the wall illuminates the room better and provides for the atmosphere of cosiness and intimacy, which also allows to optically emphasise individual elements.

Another important element in the bathroom is the window, which improves ventilation and lets daylight in.

A bathroom interior should be warm. The most neutral heating facility for a bathroom is floor heating. It is a nice feeling to go out of the bath and step onto a warm floor. A heater is also a good idea, a it can also dry and heat the towels.

While introducing a specific colour to the bathroom remember that it changes the perceived shapes of different items. Therefore, you should select the fittings in order for them to match the colours and patterns on the walls and floor. Remember also that the colour has a huge impact on the atmosphere, which is critical for your well-being.

Other elements shaping our mood are texture and patterns (e.g. pattern on tiles). A recurring motif is essential here, as it decides upon the aesthetics of the interior and is also the key to its style.

In a large room we may allow ourselves to combine different designs, even contrasting ones like bold avant-garde with tranquil tradition. With the application of the above, the interior of a bathroom becomes visibly outlined and we may feel more comfortable and more willing to spend out time there.