Bathroom in tower blocks

Bathrooms in blocks or multi-family buildings are usually situated along the same vertical piping, which unfortunately let us hear very well what our neighbours are doing in their bathrooms. For this reason, before we proceed with bathroom fitting, we must look for possibilities to soundproof the room in order to have full comfort of its use. However, remember to not install sound insulation on your own, you will need an expert's advice on it.

Hide the pipes

The most unsightly element of bathrooms in blocks are pipes and waste stacks, which are often located in partially visible places. It is not always possible to hide them in cabinets or enclose with tiles.

When planning your bathroom try to arrange individual fittings in a manner that would optically conceal even the exposed pipes upon entering the bathroom. You should also ask the housing cooperative or the building manager which changes are allowed; you may find out that the problematic pipes can be hidden without much effort.

The most popular method to mask the pipes is enclosing them with tiles. When combined, they constitute a sort of wall-adjacent column or shelf. Remember that the enclosure must provide easy access to the pipes, without the need to destroy the structure.