Medium-size bathroom

Although smaller than large rooms, they can house all sanitary facilities. In a medium-size bathroom we are not limited by a small space, so we can designate individual functional zones – a bath, sanitary and relaxation zone.

In such a bathroom we can divide the area by using low walls or different colour schemes in the different parts of the room.

A place for everything

Our design should take into account the intimacy that must be preserved where, required, in the separate bathroom parts. The toilet bowl and bidet should not be installed opposite the door. A washbasin with large top or a big mirror can be placed there instead; the mirror will have a similar function to window, providing illusory depth to the room. If there is not enough space to install a separate shower bath, a bathtub with screen might be a good idea.

A bidet is an optional, but a very desirable fitment in a bathroom. It should be installed at a low level, close to the toilet bowl and its style and colour should correspond to it.

Colour in the spotlight

You can be extravagant in a medium-size bathroom. In such a bathroom you do not have to fear using pure, bright colours, which are a suitable background for the simple forms of bathroom ceramics. If you want to find a place to relax in your bathroom, be cautious with lighting and colour arrangement. A good idea to accomplish this is using neutral colours and neutral materials for a soothing and peaceful décor. Better conditions to contemplate are achieved when the room feels open wide, so it is important to emphasise the bathroom window position – the source of daylight.

In a medium-size bathroom you can find room for a place to relax. After a warm bath it would be nice to bury in a soft bathrobe among the fragrance of herbs and soft music, and at least for a while rest comfortably on an armchair.