Select your fittings

Like everything, bathroom arrangement is best to be performed in a sensible and well-planned way.


Before we begin shopping, it is wise to make a list of all required and desired features and assign priorities to them. For example: for a bathtub it will be its length and depth, shape, additional features (water massage), anti-slip surface, etc. Of course, some possibilities we find out after having seen and compared individual models, but it is important to know the crucial elements we expect from our bathroom fittings.

Beautiful space

Another issue is the aesthetics of the interior. It is worth considering choosing the fittings in such a way so that individual elements match one another and make harmonious and tasteful interior. However, not every one of us has a diploma from art school or architecture degree. This is where the entire series of fittings, designed specially to freely combine and match all their elements, come in handy. These series are designed for bathrooms of different sizes and shapes, and their individual elements are available in several size and functional variants, so that they can be used even in very unique interiors. Bathrooms fitted with the series of ceramics, furniture, bathtubs and shower cubicles seem well thought of and make the impressions of order and elegant harmony.

Examples of such fitted bathrooms are presented below.

Virtual designing

In an era of computers the possibility of selecting fittings using special programs is a big help. With those programs, we may not only plan what and where will be in our bathroom, but we can also choose specific models. One of the best and easiest to handle programs of this kind is Moja Łazienka v. 1.0. You can also use professional program Ekspert Koło, available in good stores. Expert assistance, which complements the software functions, has excellent effects.