A long, narrow bathroom is not a problem anymore

Long and narrow bathrooms are characteristic of old construction trends. They also tend to have high ceilings. The basic problems concerning such bathrooms are the difficulty of their arrangement (it is often the case that all facilities have to be situated in a row) and their distorted proportions.


Creative fitting arrangement

There are many solutions to the problem of a long and narrow bathroom, and one of them is presented below. In a narrow and long bathroom you can install the bathtub in an unorthodox, but convenient way. A classic, long and rectangular bathtub can be enclosed on both sides in such a way that the enclosure comprises shelves on both opposite walls. In order to facilitate entering the tub, a special mezzanine with stairs can be build near its narrow rims. Another solution consists in redesigning the narrow wall into a shower cabin (enclosure sets – reference). Such a design will not only provide us with a comfortable and spacious shower place, but also allow us to increase the comfort of use by separating the bath zone and improve the visual proportions of the bathroom. Improving proportions The second problem, i.e. distorted proportions of the bathroom dimensions can be effectively improved by properly placed mirrors and asymmetric wall arrangement (e.g. stripes or diagonal patterns on the narrow walls).


The recommended colours are light and medium-saturated ones, as they optically widen the space and make it more "open". An interesting effect can be achieved by using darker colour on the short (narrow) walls of the bathroom, especially if one of those shorter walls is opposite to the door. Dark colours create the impression of nearness and light colours – the impression of distance. See more: Selection of colours and materials Solving problems of high-ceiling bathrooms