Sloped ceiling bathroom

Sloped ceiling bathroom – difficulties stimulate imagination
What to do with a sloped ceiling?

Sloped ceiling does not have to limit our space in the bathroom. The possibilities of using such space are many. Under the slope, we can install for example:
-a row of spacious cabinets,
-a bidet and a toilet.
An interesting solution is also installing a bathtub under the slope, especially if it has a tilted window. Taking a bath while looking at the sky will be an incredible experience. Remember however, about the basic principle: the fittings we use must be arranged in a manner that allows standing in front of them with ease. The room height at that point must not be lower than 190 cm.

Adapted space
Bathrooms in adapted spaces (former attic or utility room) have one great advantage. They are generally larger than those built in the house as "standard" bathrooms. However, the interior that we want to arrange as a bathroom may prove burdensome, due to unusual wall arrangement, height and "accessories" such as slanted ceilings, beams and supporting posts, floors at two different levels or stairs in the middle of the room. All these non-bathroom elements can actually be used to our advantage in designing a unique and comfortable space.

In the corner and in the niche
Corner-mounted equipment is extremely useful when designing unusual interiors. A basin or a toilet bowl located in the corner will allow you to use the available space and arrange interesting, original interiors. If we have considerable surface area, it is worth to think of an oval or asymmetrical corner bathtub. It may not only increase the comfort of bathing but also improve the proportions of the interiors.
Adapted spaces generally have niches. It is an ideal place for a shower cubicle. Just install a shower tray, add enclosure, and you have a luxury place to shower, and in most cases larger than shower cubicles available on the market.
The interiors may also be used to house a "laundry corner" with washing machine, shelves for cleaning agents and a pre-wash basin. The corner may be separated with doors or louvers.

Posts and supports
Large, massive posts stretching in the middle of the room may serve different purposes: towel hangers, places to mount a basin/toilet bowl, and they also look fantastic when enclosed with mirrors.

A post is not a problem
Unfortunately, posts and beams are often located in the most inconvenient places, which makes designing the interiors much harder. In such cases, it is particularly difficult to find a good place for large fittings, such as bathtub. Fortunately, we can now choose from many types of asymmetrical, corner and oval bathtubs. It might be worthwhile choosing a bathtub which is in no way inferior to the traditional long, rectangular tubs (on the contrary, it sometimes surpasses them), and which makes the choice of the proper model much easier.

Difference of level
A tub on a platform or a mezzanine? Such a solution is possible in a room with different floor levels. Stairs can separate those functionally, so they should be used for that purpose. The higher level may house a tub or function as a leisure and cosmetics area with a dressing table and a comfortable armchair. Remember, however, that the basin and toilet must be located on the lower, more accessible level. Making use of the difference in floor level may result in a unique and comfortable design.