Small bathroom, big problem

What should we do to make our small bathroom bigger?
A small bathroom has always been a challenge for anybody who wanted to make it functional and aesthetic at the same time. Two basic problems connected with such space are the question of housing all the necessary equipment and the question of the optical enlargement of the room. Those issues cannot be addressed separately.
The difficult art of compromise
What should we do to make our small bathroom appear bigger, regarding both the visual perception and the comfort of use? There is a wide range of special devices for small bathrooms on the market, such as narrow washing machines. However, as in the case of any other interior, we should first decide what we should actually have in our bathroom. With less room, it requires many compromises. Maybe it would be better to replace the tub with a comfortable shower cabin? Or maybe the washing machine should be installed in the kitchen? Maybe the cabinets with spare towels should be placed somewhere else in the house?

Bathroom fittings selection:
- Bathroom standards and
- Equipment selection

When we have finally decided which elements are going to be in our bathroom, we should select those that will not overwhelm the place because of their size or appearance.
Ceramics smaller but still convenient
An excellent choice is, for example, the NOVA TOP PICO ceramics series by KOŁO, designed particularly for small bathrooms. With smaller than usual size, this ceramics preserves its functionality, whilst its stylish, lightweight shape makes up a harmonious whole, even in small interiors.

Oval and translucent cubicle
When selecting shower cubicle instead of a bathtub, it is better to choose a model with translucent doors and walls. It creates the impression of a larger space, and the cabin, which is after all the biggest element in the bathroom, is not "overpowered" by it. The size and shape of the cubicle depends, of course, on our taste, but oval shapes look much better in a smaller room, as they provide more lightness and grace to it.
Asymmetrical bathtub
If you prefer the bathtub to be installed in your bathroom, you do not necessarily have to take one that occupies half of the space. It is worth considering buying an asymmetrical bathtub, which first of all takes less space, and also it does not make the bathroom look small as much as classic rectangular bathtub. Nowadays, you can find asymmetrical bathtubs in many shapes and colours, made of acrylic fibre, which is a durable material, so you do not have to worry about damaging them too much. Remember that the colour of a tub also influences our perception – the lighter the tub the better it looks.

Functional shelves and lockers
Even one towel tossed on the floor is enough to make small bathroom look messy. Because of that, it is important, while designing such interior, to ensure that shelves, hangers and cabinets facilitate putting all items back to their places. A good solution to this problem comprises ladder-type bathroom heaters on which you can hang towels. They have yet another advantage during the winter – they dry towels very quickly. The best place to install such a heater is close to the shower or between the tub and basin.
Optical enlargement
Even the most functionally fitted small interior will look cramped and unattractive if we ignore the question of optical enlargement. For optical enlargement we make use of colour, shape, texture of materials used for wall and floor covering, and also the location of mirrors and lights.
Light = bigger
Small bathrooms do not like dark colours, large tiles and too many decorations. We must remember that when designing our own bathroom. Medium-size light-shade tiles and discreet ornaments – that is the basic principle that must be obeyed in order to achieve the impression of larger space. It gives us the selection of many styles: from classic cool elegance to very "warm" interiors. Colours that provide for the impression of larger space are those associated with water and air – cold shades of azure, green and blueish purple.
Mirrors and lighting enlarge the space
Mirrors play a vital role in small interiors. When in proper places, they can add to depth and space. Two large mirrors against each other will optically enlarge our bathroom to a high extent, but first we should ask ourselves whether we like the effect of multiple reflections. Proper lighting is just as important. We must take care for our bathroom to be lit with daylight. If there is no window, placing a "window" made of luxfer tile, bringing the light from another, well-lit room, is a good idea. If such a solution is impossible to implement as well, it is very important to at least have one source of light that resembles the daylight.