Bathroom with no barriers in a medical facility

The population ageing makes the problems of the physically challenged more and more complicated.
Each public facility should have at least one bathroom fitted for the needs of people with disabilities. When implementing its programme "Bathroom with no barriers", KOŁO also remembers about their needs.

Creating bathrooms fitted for people with disabilities is exactly the purpose for which we developed our special package including not only Sanitec Koło products but also those prepared by Lehnen. Under this package we offer ready solutions of bathroom fitting for persons with reduced mobility.
The concept of "Bathroom with no barriers" allows one to prepare a completely equipped bathroom that can be safely and easily used by a person with reduced mobility. Bathroom with no barriers is an offer aimed at hotels, motels, public facilities, and also facilities which by their character must be adjusted to the needs of persons with reduced mobility – hospitals, rehabilitation centres, old people’s homes, hospices or social welfare homes.
By taking advantage of the "bathroom with no barriers" package you will receive a complete designs of safe and ergonomic arrangement and fitting of bathroom interiors for less able users (the elderly, persons under rehabilitation, pregnant women) or persons who use a wheelchair, prepared by experts.
The basic element of such bathroom fittings are ceramic products by NOVA TOP No Barriers, designed particularly for easy use by persons with reduced mobility.
Handles by Lehnen are an integral part of the Bathroom with no barriers. Lifted and fixed supporting arms, handles and rails installed near toilet bowl or washbasin allow persons with reduced mobility to use them without help. Special, folded stools facilitate using the shower bath. The full range of handles can be found in KOŁO product package.