Bathroom for kids

A fondness for hygiene and functional bathrooms must be cultivated from an early age – what youth is used to, age remembers.

For this reason, KOŁO remembers about the youngest bathroom users.
Nowadays it is not surprising to see, e.g. in a shopping mall toilet, a washbasin located a little lower or a small-size toilet bowl. If you see them, they are most probably KOŁO products! Our package is the only in Poland that has free-standing and wall-hung toilet bowls dedicated to children, which may be easily installed in kindergartens and primary schools, to the delight of the youngest users.

Nova Pro Junior is a bathroom ceramics series for the youngest. Small toilet bowls with colourful toilet seat are designed to be used freely by children. A 33 cm high toilet bowl will eliminate the necessity of a child having to climb an "adult" toilet bowl, and a 50 cm wide wash basin installed at a level corresponding to the child's height will be just the job. Red accessories – basin siphon cover and toilet seat will bring cheerful atmosphere.

It should also be noted that KOŁO Nova Pro Junior toilet seats are antimicrobial.
In order to combine functionality and ergonomics, we suggest installing the Keramag Kind kids' toilet bowl on the KOŁO Technic GT in-wall support frame.  Alternatively, you can combine the free-standing Nova Pro Junior and Koło Technic GT in-wall support frame. Both solutions can be made more appealing to children by installing a colourful Eclipse Junior flush button, designed for children's bathrooms.
In such an ergonomic, friendly and colourful bathroom preschoolers will learn to love hygiene and learn to behave in public places.