Bathroom for persons with disabilities

A bathroom for the persons with disabilities is a special kind of hygienic and sanitary room, which must be set up so be accessible not only for persons using a wheelchair but also for physically challenges individuals such as elderly people. Depending on the country, the regulations may changed, but usually at least one accessible bathroom has to be situated in each public facility. Since not only people with disabilities may use this bathroom, the selection of its fittings must be as universal and functional as possible.

For the convenience of a disabled person, pay particular attention to:

  • maneuvering area of at least 150 x 150 cm
  • the toilet bowl height, which should correspond to the height of a wheelchair, i.e. 48 cm above the floor
  • in order to facilitate transfer from a wheelchair to the toilet bowl, the projection of the WC must be 70 cm long
  • the top edge of the washbasin should be located 80 cm above the floor.
  • mirror, preferably tilted with the option to adjust the angle and fitted to be used by a person using a wheelchair
  • handrails adjusted to the bathroom shape and washbasin as well as to the toilet location. Handrails should be tilted or fixed and two handrails should be installed per washbasin (50 or 60 cm long) and two per toilet bowl (at least one tilted, min. 70 cm long).

Due to the special character of such a bathroom and the safety of a person using its fittings, it is essential to use products with required attestation and certificates. The KOŁO and Lehnen products have all the necessary documentation.