Bathroom in a hotel

The arrangement recommended for an in room bathroom, as well as a semi public bathroom near the hotel lobby or restaurant, comprises on-top washbasins (lay-on, counter-top or recessed) or if no top is planned – washbasins with additional shelf or shelves. It is a necessary condition for building categorisation standards, so that items such as cosmetics or a purse can be laid in a direct neighbourhood of the basin.

The KOŁO package includes many solutions that differ by the method of washbasin installation.

Where it is not possible to install a counter top washbasin, we recommend using a wall-mounted washbasin, but with additional shelf or shelves.

An equally important element of both bathrooms mentioned above is toilet bowl. It is worth to take into account the easy-to-clean features available thanks to hidden fixing points, as well as glazing under the bowl rim or even eliminating the rim thanks to the Rimfree system available under the series Nova Pro, Style, Traffic and Modo.

Customers often seek very short toilet bowls hung on in-wall support frame, due to small size of their bathrooms. We provide two models meeting this criteria:
- Nova Pro Pico – 50 cm long
- Nova Pro Pico even shorter toilet bowl – 48 cm long

The above products are absolutely functional, as the bowl part between the wall and toilet seat hinge has also been shortened. Note also that both devices feature reduced water consumption – 2/4 l.

A hotel bathroom could not stand without a place to take a bath. The KOŁO package includes rectangular 140-190 cm long bathtubs and corner, symmetrical and asymmetrical bathtubs, perfect for hotel bathrooms.
However, hotels more often make use of round and square shower cubicles, as well as shower door installed in a niche. Doors ranging from 80 to 140 cm in width are also included in our offer. All KOŁO shower cubicles can be installed directly on the floor, but you can also choose from a range of 3-13 cm deep ceramic or acrylic shower trays!