Bathing in a bathtub can be made much easier for the elderly people and for the persons with disabilities with the use of a range of fittings improving the comfort and safety of use. Bathtubs with textured bottom are particularly recommended, like the rectangular Nova Top BB bathtub presented here.

The folded surface placed on the bottom of this bathtub reduces the risk of slipping.

Independent use of a shower in a bathtub is made possible for persons with disabilities and elderly people thanks to a chair-like seat with a backrest, firmly placed on the bathtub, but with a movable seat, allowing the person using it to turn around.

Entering the bathtub is facilitated by steps, as well as handles and handrails. The way they are fitted depends on how the bathtub is located in the bathroom and where the access is.

Apart from fixed handrails, a movable handle mounted on the shower curtain railing facilitates moving from the seat in the bathtub to the wheelchair.