Ecological bathroom

In 2011, Sanitec Koło was awarded the title of Mecenas Polskiej Ekologii [Polish Ecology Patron], which is the crowning achievement of many-years' achievements in environmental protection.
Environmental awareness and water conservation are visible also in the Koło product range.
Increasingly more attention is paid to the environmentally friendly aspect of public buildings. An ecological approach in construction directly translates into the products and materials used for the fitting of currently built facilities, e.g. office buildings.

with a view to meet the expectations of investors constructing their buildings in compliance with the ecological certificate LEED (The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology), we have introduced a range of products with reduced water consumption to our package. All of our new toilet bowls can be flushed with less water, i.e. 2/4 l. In order to make our package truly comprehensive, we also offer Technic GT in-wall support frames, which can be easily set to lower flushing (2/4 l). This means that we can reduce water consumption and the quantity of wastewater in our private bathroom and at the same time save more money.
Finally, we offer a series of urinals flushed with only one litre of water, thanks to automatic, radar or thermal flushing system. For those who want to eliminate water in urinals altogether we have the Cero waterless urinal with a siphon filled with a special neutralising oil.

The above-mentioned building environmental friendliness assessment systems (LEED and BREEAM) allow one to considerably reduce building maintenance costs in a natural way. A house or a hotel can also have their ecological bathroom. The calculator below will help us estimate how much we can economise on using the KOŁO wall-mounted toilets and toilet bowls with reduced flushing 2/4 l, as compared to traditional water consumption.

The consumption of chemical cleaning agents, on the other hand, depends also on the solution comprising toilet bowls without an inner rim. The Rimfree system is utilised by the following KOŁO series: Nova Pro, Nova Pro No Barriers, Style, Traffic and Life. It has eliminated difficult-to-clean areas. No nooks and crannies under the toilet bowl rim – no dirt and no bacteria.
An ecological bathroom has many advantages:
- reduced water consumption and lower wastewater quantity, thanks to 2/4 l flushing
- no need to use chemical agents thanks to Rimfree system and Reflex KOŁO surface
- glazed rims in the remaining toilet bowls inhibit scaling and are easy to keep clean
- automatic, radar and thermal urinal flushing system with only 1 litre of water and only when used resulting in water savings.
- by using the waterless KOŁO Cero urinal, we save water, but also electricity required to power the flushing systems.