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Toilets in an office building, in a shopping center or at a railway station are examples of bathrooms usually specified in building regulations. These regulations include in particular, among other things:

  • the technical specifications of hygiene and sanitary space
  • the dimensions of rooms, usable floor area and doors
  • the number of washbasins, toilet bowls and urinals depending on the anticipated number of women and men in a particular building
  • accessible toilet with dimensions and fittings, as a special type of bathroom present in every public facility.

When thinking of a public toilet, we also include all sorts of users, both the elderly and the younger people, the taller grown-ups and smaller children, women and men.

This is why KOŁO, as a manufacturer of sanitary ware, offers comprehensive bathroom solutions. This is also why we offer washbasins differing by installation methods and functions, dedicated to such type of public and widely available bathrooms :

  • recessed washbasins
  • countertop washbasins
  • lay-on washbasins
  • washbasins with a support surface (shelf)
  • wall-mounted washbasins

In the case of toilet bowls we also provide comprehensive solutions and various installation methods. This is why next to the wall-hung toilet bowls there are also in-wall support frame modules and classic compact models.

The type of toilet bowl particularly recommended for public spaces is the Rimfree toilet bowl. This solution facilitates keeping the inside of the toilet bowl clean, which is very important and expected in public toilets. Rimfree is used in several ceramic KOŁO series, including Nova Pro and Nova Pro No Barriers. 
Urinals are a separate kind of ceramic ware used in public toilets. We offer different flushing methods, but we are always motivated by the same goal – a comprehensive solution. This is why apart from the urinals, the product range also includes a concealed installation module and different flushing systems:

  • automatic, radar flushing valve (the sensor is located behind the urinal)
  • thermal flushing system (the sensor is located in the urinal syphon)
  • exposed pressure valve cistern (flushing initiated manually)
  • waterless solution
  • non-flushing urinal (the urinal siphon is filled with a special neutralising oil).

For public facilities with particularly heavy user traffic or facilities at the risk of acts of vandalism we offer stainless steel sanitary ware. These include products for both the fully able bodied and the persons with reduced mobility.

Many different bathrooms – many solutions from KOŁO, but the goal always remains the same - comprehensively and in a practical way.