Rimfree® - High standards of hygiene for every bathroom

Rimfree® is an innovative solution that simplifies cleaning. The Rimfree® toilets are specially designed without an inner rim, thus there is no place for dirt and gems to hide. The Rimfree® WC is the perfect solution for those who appreciate hygiene and cleanliness.

No rim - no bacteria

Nothing can stimulate our imagination more than the TV ads of household chemicals, which make us acutely aware of what may hide under the toilet bowl rim in the bathroom. Rimfree® effectively solves this problem.The inner part of the toilet bowl looks like an easy-to-clean washbasin or a bidet, rather than a toilet bowl as we know it. As a result. all inner sections of the ceramics are easily accessible. Cleaning the Rimfree® rimless toilet bowls is thus completely effortless. Another advantage is that you will no longer need strong detergents to clean the bowl; just wipe it with a mild detergent. The uniqueness and the innovative nature of the Rimfree® solution is highlighted by the fact that it has been patented.

Rimless? Without collar? Without edge? How does it work?

The secret lies in the particular shape of the toilet bowl.Water flushing the bowl comes from a specially designed nozzle, and is then accurately distributed throughout the entire inner basin. Rimfree® products comply with the EN 997 European product standard and can flush 4/2l of water.

No. 1 on the market

KOŁO offers market-leading, fully rimless solution to toilet bowls thanks to its innovative approach to ceramics design.

There are various rimless solutions on the market. Most of them solve only partially the issue of waste accumulation in the cavities whereas Rimfree® takes care of the whole issue. The original Rimfree® toilet bowls without inner rim are offered under KOŁO, KERAMAG and KERAMAG DESIGN brand names.

Key facts

  • market-leading, original and patented rimless toilet bowl 
  • without any rim, edge or collar
  • the toilet cleaning can be done easily without harsh detergents and using minimal effort 
  • Rimfree® toilet bowl is ecological as it is adapted to flush 4/2 litres of water
  • we offer the widest range on the market with many models of Rimfree® toilet bowls available under the KOŁO, KERAMAG and KERAMAG DESIGN brands