Rimfree - the perfectly clean solution

With Rimfree®, the innovative technology for rimless WCs, Kolo is setting the bar higher in terms of hygiene and ease of care – both in private bathrooms and public properties. With no rims, there are simply no more hidden, difficult to clean cavities and the inner basin can easily be kept spotlessly clean. This saves time, water and detergent – and also protects the environment.


Rimless WCs – the new standard for modern bathrooms.

  • Flawless hygiene
  • Easy to care for and clean
  • Patented flush distributor
  • Ideal flush water guide
  • Attractive inner basin design
  • Saves time, water and detergent
  • Protects the environment
  • can be combined with Keramag System pre-wall elements and flushing plates

Optimal water guide
The key advantage is in the design: the innovative technology we use precludes the formation of cavities in which deposits and dirt traps can occur. A patented flush guide carries the water symmetrically around the basin, ensuring flawless flushing and rinsing.

Hygienically perfect
Where there is no rim, no deposits can form either. This saves you arduous cleaning, the use of aggressive detergents and unpleasant odours. The Rimfree® WCs offer perfect WC hygiene, providing lasting relief for our waters.

Simply easier to clean
It‘s easier to remove things you can actually see. Soiling is more obvious in a WC with no rim. Soiling is removed in no time and the basin is quickly made clean and pristine again.

Large range

  • WCs in wall-hung and floor-standing versions
  • modern rounded and streamlined, angular shapes
  • a rimless wall-hung WC for WC areas without barriers.

Suitable areas of application

  • private bathrooms
  • prisons
  • railway stations
  • airports
  • administration Building
  • hospitals
  • rehab centers
  • nursing homes
  • schools and universities
  • industrial buildings