NOVA PRO 55 cm Bathroom set: Rectangular washbasin 55 cm + Washbasin cabinet 46,4 cm, white glossy

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Consists of: Rectangular washbasin 55 x 44 cm + Washbasin cabinet 46,4 x 55,7 x 38,1 cm, Colour: white glossy. Door with soft-close mechanism. Fixed shelf made of chipboard, metal organizer for bottles on the inner side if the door (different possible mounting height). The set includes: mounting set, mounting instruction, handle. Can be combined with legs, chrome (price for 2 pcs). Can be combined with legs (price for 2 pcs).

  • BrandKOLO
  • CollectionNova Pro
  • Size55
  • Product CodeM39005000
  • Weight26

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M39005_FRONT (dwg)
M39005_RIGHT (dwg)
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