NOVA PRO PREMIUM 100 cm furniture set: 100 cm washbasin + 2-door cabinet, walnut

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The KOŁO NOVA PRO PREMIUM cabinet with a washbasin will perfectly fit into large bathrooms. With a width of 100 cm, the washbasin guarantees comfortable use. It has been designed to give the impression of being light and delicate - the low rim plays a special role in this. However, the ceramic material makes it highly resistant and easy to clean at the same time. This means that any bathroom cleaning chore will be quick and easy. The bathroom cabinet, on the other hand, was made of moisture-resistant board, used by very few manufacturers. We, on the other hand, want to ensure absolute hygiene in your bathroom, which is why we use this high-end material that provides protection against moisture and mould, protecting you and your family. We also try to take care of your bathroom - the lacquer applied on cabinet fronts and bodies makes them resistant to UV rays which usually cause colours to fade. The elegant walnut colour will therefore decorate your bathroom for a long time. The cabinet doors, on the other hand, incorporate a soft-close mechanism so you can comfortably use the bathroom without an unpleasant slamming sound.

Choose the KOŁO NOVA PRO PREMIUM collection and check how perfect it will look in your bathroom!

100 cm furniture set consisting of: Rectangular washbasin with low rim, 100 x 50.2 cm + cabinet with 2 doors, 100 x 63.5 x 50.2 cm, colour: walnut. Door with soft-close mechanism. Chrome-plated handle. Included: installation manual, installation set. Can be combined with: Furniture feet made of chrome-plated steel flat bar, non-adjustable, 200 mm, glossy chrome (price per 2 pieces) or furniture feet made of powder-coated aluminium, adjustable 19.7 - 20.5 cm.

Installation instructions
Instrukcja pielęgnacji Nova Pro Premium (pdf)
Instrukcja montażu szafki podumywalkowej z drzwiami Nova Pro Premium (pdf)
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Deklaracja właściwości użytkowych DOP 20 - Umywalki - Geberit 22052017 EN (pdf)