NOVA PRO PREMIUM floor-standing rectangular back-to-wall bidet with outlet

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The KOŁO NOVA PRO bidet is an excellent choice for any bathroom where you want to feel comfortable and achieve a completely new level of cleanliness. The bidet, unlike many new models, is made in the classic upright form referring to the traditional patterns of this type of product, but the rectangular shape provides an innovative and interesting appearance. Thanks to being made of ceramic material, the bidet is durable and resistant to damage, and is also very easy to clean, saving time on every cleaning. There is a tap hole in the bidet, allowing you to choose the right model and type - depending on your needs.
The NOVA PRO bidet is built in such a way that it adheres directly to the wall, thanks to which its entire sanitary part is hidden, leaving only the perfectly designed ceramic part in view. Ensure a new dimension of hygiene and cleanliness with the KOŁO NOVA PRO bidet - arrange a fresh and beautifully designed bathroom!

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Certyfikat uprawniający do oznaczania wyrobu znakiem bezpieczeństwa 34-B-22 - bidety -Załącznik (pdf)
Certyfikat ISO 9001_2008 z 21022014 wersja angielska (pdf)
Certyfikat zgodności wyrobu z polską normą 35-N-22 - bidety - Załącznik (pdf)