EGO by Antonio Citterio floor standing single pan with universal outflow

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Can be combined with toilet seat, P-type vertical outflow consisting of outflow pipe and assembly parts. Mounting set included in set. Can be combined with TECHNIC GT installation module for WC 99401-000 or with TECHNIC GT concealed cistern for floor standing single pan 99384-000.

Official endorsements & special features

Installation instructions
EGO Wash down standing toilet – Installation Instruction (pdf)
Perfectly clean - Reflex KOLO (pdf)
Copy of Instrukcja montażu miski stojącej EGO (pdf)
K13000_FRONT (dwg)
K13000_LEFT (dwg)
K13000_FRONT (dwg)
K13000_LEFT (dwg)
K13000_RIGHT (dwg)
K13000_RIGHT (dwg)
K13000_TOP (dwg)
K13000_TOP (dwg)
K13000-caddecor (zip)
K13000_3D (dwg)
Certyfikat ISO 9001_2008 z 21022014 wersja angielska (pdf)
Deklaracja właściwości użytkowych DOP 10 - Miski 10032017 EN (pdf)
Declaration of performance No DOP 10 WC pans and WC suits 3032015 (pdf)