NOVA PRO PREMIUM WC Rimfree ceramic washdown appliance , rectangular, back to wall

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The KOŁO NOVA PRO WC ceramic appliance is one of the simplest bathroom solutions which, thanks to its design and functionality, remain universal and fit into any toilet. It is made of a ceramic material characterised by high resistance to damage, which makes it look new for years. Ceramic materials are also easy to clean - thanks to the ceramic glaze, stains cannot settle easily and are simple to remove, which saves you time every time you clean your bathroom and keeps it looking pristine. The rectangular shape ensures a great fit in any modern designed bathroom - a recent trend in interior design that will keep your bathroom looking beautiful and fashionable for a long time. This appliance combines design with functionality, as it uses the KOŁO Rimfree® technology, i.e. removing the flange from the appliance. This eliminates all hard-to-reach places for dangerous germs to multiply and makes keeping this appliance clean much easier. There is now no need to reach into nooks and crannies or use harsh chemicals - it is the most hygienic solution on the market today.
The KOŁO NOVA PRO WC ceramic comes with the back-to-wall design concealing its outlet part. Thus only the brilliantly designed ceramic part is exposed, decorating your bathroom. Combine this ceramic appliance with the KOŁO NOVA PRO M34014000 cistern and complete the set with the KOŁO NOVA PRO M35106000 bidet and see how easy it is to create a bathroom that will become your oasis of well-being!

This compact WC set can be combined with the 6/3 l rectangular cistern with M34014000 fittings (not included). To be combined with seat: M30117000, M30116000, M30122000. To be combined with bidet: M35106000.

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Certyfikat uprawniający do oznaczania wyrobu znakiem bezpieczeństwa 32_B_22 - miski ustępowe wiszące, stojące i zestawy kompaktowe (pdf)
Certyfikat zgodności wyrobu z polską normą 33-N-22 - miski ustępowe wiszące, stojące i zestawy kompaktowe- Załącznik (pdf)
Deklaracja właściwości użytkowych DOP 10 - Miski 10032017 EN (pdf)