NOVA PRO Rimfree square compact washdown WC, horizontal outlet

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The KOŁO NOVA PRO RIMFREE® WC ceramic appliance is the best choice for a modern bathroom, where you are looking for proven solutions in an improved version. The high quality of this compact WC ceramic appliance is primarily due to the use of the best ceramic materials. They are subjected to rigorous tests and checks to guarantee product resistance and durability. The KOŁO NOVA PRO bowl has also been enriched with the KOŁO Rimfree technology, a way of making a bowl without a flange. This ensures a much higher level of hygiene compared to traditional WC ceramic appliances, as the lack of a flange means there are no areas difficult to clean where dangerous bacteria and germs can grow. It is easy to clean, and additionally does not require using harsh chemicals - KOŁO NOVA PRO WC ceramic appliances allow you to save time when cleaning them. It also saves money when it comes to operation, as it has been designed for 4/2 l flushing, which reduces water consumption by up to 33%. Thanks to the KOŁO NOVA PRO Rimfree® technology, your bathroom is cleaner, cheaper and safer!
The KOŁO NOVA PRO Rimfree® WC ceramic appliance has a horizontal outlet, which means that it has been adapted to the sewage system leading out of the wall.

To be combined with rectangular M34011000 cistern with 6/3 l fittings and M30115000, M30116000, M30117000, M30122000 seats.

  • BrandKOLO
  • Product CodeM33223000
  • Width33
  • Weight23.2

Official endorsements & special features

Certyfikat ISO 9001_2008 z 21022014 wersja angielska (pdf)