Maintenance and cleaning

How can we keep our shower clean?

The easiest way is to use glass wipers. Some manufacturers give them free with their shower cabinets. Wiping the surface of the cabinet after the shower keeps it clean for a long time and minimizes the formation of lime deposits on the surface.

How can we clean and disinfect hydro-massages?

Bathtubs with hydro-massage are fitted with an automatic disinfection system that has a self-cleaning function for the dirt accumulating in the bath during use. Baths without this feature can be easily cleaned using hydro-massage disinfecting liquids available (e.g. KOLO liquid) by strictly following the attached instructions.

How can we protect urinals against clogging?

To protect urinals against clogging it is best to use metal security strainers. Stainless steel ensures long service life while the simple design allows for easy cleaning and assembly of the strainer in the urinal.

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