Buying furniture for the bathroom

For several reasons, the bathroom is quite a specific space.

Firstly, in most cases, it must be adapted to the diverse needs of all household members. Without a doubt, the layout, size and location of the bathroom should ensure maximum comfort for all. You have to decide whether you are planning a bathroom for a single person, for a couple or a family with children. You should also consider whether the bathroom will be used by the elderly or the disabled.

Secondly, bathroom fittings serve us for many years, and therefore we should think carefully about how we will use our bathroom now and how our requirements may change over the next few years. It is difficult to change the positions of things in a bathroom, so we have to be sure that we know how we will be using it all in the future. Undoubtedly, it would be helpful to know the functions that the modern bathroom can perform.

Designing the bathroom, despite appearances, is not an easy or simple matter. If we make rash or hasty decisions, we may wonder each day why our bathroom is so inconvenient.

So remember - when we are deciding on our bathroom décor and equipment, we should be aware of the purpose of that space in the coming years.

We can find great help in making these decisions in bathroom standards. Based on the purpose of the bathroom and the type of its main users they define the utility nature of the bathroom. For each type of bathroom accessory we propose, it must provide maximum comfort for all household members. The standards also define in what part of an apartment or house a particular bathroom should be placed.