Plants in the bathroom

The bathroom is a place where we spend a significant amount of time every day. Plants are a perfect addition, bringing life to it - the ambiance in a  bathroom promotes plant growth since it is usually the most humid place in an apartment or house.

It is best to place plants close to the window so that they get continuous access to sunlight. However, if the room does not have a window, we can install additional lighting for flowers - a traditional fluorescent lamp or compact lamps can successfully perform this function. In a bathroom, where the windows are frosted or there is not much sunlight then shade-loving plants will feel at home - ferns, ivy, rushes or papyrus.

Be sure to keep the pot away from any overspray from cosmetics (such as deodorants, perfumes, or hair sprays), because they have a detrimental effect on plants. In addition, leaves which have been splashed with soap, toothpaste or other chemicals should be immediately wiped with a wet cloth. In winter, the plants should be moved as close to the light source as possible.

The type of plant depends on the space that we have available, the nature and design of the interior, plus any individual preferences. In a bathroom the following types of plants can be grown: creeping (scindapsus, cissus, rambling philodendron, syngonium, ivy), shrubs (aglaonema, aspidistra, palm trees), short blooming plants (exacum, chrysanthemum, cyclamen, African violet, kalanchoe), semi-shade plants (Afelandra, Alocasia, fittonia, arrowroot), and large plants (japanese fatsja, monstera deliciosa, philodendron).