Layout of the bathroom

The functionality of the bathroom to a large extent depends on the appropriate layout of what we wish to install. Keep in mind that these items should not be positioned too close to each other.

Below is the standard distances and heights that we believe are most suitable for the contemporary bathroom. Washbasin width
> 40 cm
Washbasin width
<40 cm
Toilet bowl
Shower base
Acrylic bathtub
To be able to enjoy the convenience of bathroom equipment, it is necessary to maintain a certain minimum distance between each piece.

If you do not know what space you should leave between a bathtub and a sink, or between a cabin and a toilet,  the following table contains the minimum distances you need between the various elements, allowing for their safe and convenient use.

Using the table is extremely simple. For example, if you want to check how close to the cabins you can have a toilet installed, in order to give you enough space to comfortably use them, you just have to search for a table column with the symbol of the toilet, and then the cabinet row with the icon of the cabinet - at the intersection of these lines on the table is the distance, in this case we recommend the minimum distance of 20 centimetres.