Bath or shower

This dilemma concerns primarily those who have smaller bathrooms, who are wondering whether or not to increase the comfort of the entire room by replacing the bathtub with a shower. Both solutions have their pros and cons.

A bathtub is certainly more convenient for families with young children. Moreover, even the best-equipped shower cabinet cannot be a substitute for relaxing in a bathtub - so if you're enthusiastic about this form of bathing you should consider whether you really want to give it up.

A shower also has a lot of advantages - easy access to the cabin makes it a very good option for people with disabilities or the elderly. It also allows for a quick wash without consuming large amounts of water, hence making it much more economical than a bathtub. It is ideal for people who are active and who live fast, as well as in situations where many family members use the same bathroom.

Of course the best solution would be to have both, a bath and a shower, in the bathroom.

A good compromise

But what if we cannot afford both a shower and a bath? We can then use solutions partially combining the functionality of a shower and a tub. These include deep shower-bases, an especially option useful if you have children.

Another solution is to install a shower over the bathtub and enclose it. For this purpose we can use different types of shower curtain and the increasingly popular bath screens.

The advantage of a bath screen is that it forms a kind of a shower cabinet, allowing us to fully use the benefits of a shower - and also a hydro-massage after installing a special shower panel. They are also much more durable and easier to clean than shower curtains. Although the latter are cheaper than the screens, you should opt for a solution that will give you the most comfort while bathing. In the long term, the necessity to frequently replace the curtain may be more expensive.