Are showers with non-standard dimensions available?

Yes. For example, in the KOLO product range there are shower door and side panels allowing one to create custom shower niches and bathtubs as well as special profiles for combining different models of doors, side walls and cubicles. More: Unusual built-in niches and baths »
What is a bidet and what is it used for?

Until recently, due to the small size of bathroom, a bidet was not a very popular device. These days it is appearing in bathrooms more often, helping to maintain personal hygiene every day. Many use it also as a "sink for legs". Examples of bidets: Ceramics and furniture »
What are the advantages of sanitary acrylic?

Sanitary acrylic is an excellent, modern material. It is warm to the touch with a lasting shine, it is resistant to most chemicals used in households, and has a uniform colour throughout the depth of the material. It is easy to keep  acrylic clean because of its smooth surface.

Where can you buy just the ceramic flushing tank?

In all series of bathroom ceramics from Sanitec KOLO, the compact toilet bowl and flushing tank can be purchased separately. Additionally, it is possible to buy plastic cisterns, to be installed with standing bowls (known as low-elevation type flushing tanks). See:
Where can I buy handles for bathtubs?

Sanitec KOLO offers Standard and Mondane chrome handles to fit Comfort, Gamma and Laguna rectangular bathtubs, and greatly increase the comfort of use and facilitate getting in and out of the bath. Handles must be mounted before installing the tub in the bathroom. See:

Can shower bases from KOLO be matched up with cabins from other companies?

Yes. However, we recommend completing KOLO cabins with our shower bases due to the design and dimensions of the trays. This is particularly important for half-round trays, the radius of which has to match the radius of the shower cabinet.